Saturday, October 1, 2011

Race Day/The Crew

Spending the weekend at Fort Wilderness which is a part of Walt Disnery World me and my nephew Ryan have our own cabin to ourselves and enjoying the time together. It is so hard to believe that he is now in 8th grade and is just about as tall as me and will more than likely be as tall as his grandfather, my Dad. Time flys by way to fast it seems and before you know he will be driving and then college!

There are 8 of us total here this weekend and 5 of them will be running the Disney Marathon and I am not a part of the number...I am part of the 3 that will be waiting for them to cross the finish line. The race starts at 10:00pm this evening and the runners have until 3am to make it in, I am praying that our group makes it in way before 3am. I am personally not ready for run 12 miles but sooner or later I hope to be but time will tell.

My brother n law Raul is running and he is know to run like the wind.

My sister Lori is running but in my opinion should not be because of her knee problem but she feels her knee will be fine! But I am going to have to pray her thru this thing and trust everything will be fine. RUN LORI RUN!!!!!!

Susan is a close friend of ours she has ran forever, well as long as I have known her and thats a long time. If I have to give her a name to describe her it would be THE MIRACLE!!!!
Susan has gone thru and beat so many physical challenges over the past few years that if half of you knew what they were you would say WOW she is THE MIRACLE!!! God seriously brought her out of what some would think questionable. Susan is an inspiration to me and I am sure to others that know her as well.

Brian and Donna are two other close friends and they have been running for quite a while now and because they do not live close to me I do not have any descriptive words for you to get to know them from my point of view but what I am glad about is that Donna is going to keep up with Lori and that is awesome for Lori and others like me who would be worrying if it were any different.

I have enjoyed some time away and am looking forward to going to some parks tomorrow.
I will blog to let you know how they all do maybe tomorrow so keep a look out.

Time for a quick nap!

Life is a it.