Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cold Rainy Day

I look forward to weekends as everybody else does but its even better when the weather is good but today is not a day for Florida weather and it has not been for months now. Rainy and cold is what we have today in Plant City Florida which keeps me inside being a couch potato with two Jack Russell's who's energy level is way above normal. I thought about cleaning up around the house but have opted out and I feel good about that decision I just want to chill and that is what I am doing and its needed. So with that said I really have nothing to share I guess you could call it writers block, I just have nothing.

Looking forward to blogging tomorrow and I have a lot going on then so I will catch up with you later.

Peace Out!


Life Is A Journy...Live It.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Simply Put

It's press day today for two of our publications and they need to be uploaded to the printer before 5:00 and the time is now 4:12. Seems we are up against the clock but in publishing it seems this is just a normal process but I would rather it not be the norm. In owning your own business you can look at ways to make a process run smoother and hopefully it will help the employees with their daily work load but there are times when looking into it you find that the best way to get something done is to do it the way it has been running. So why the same issues of pushing it to the very end? I can knit pick until I am blue but the bottom line is your employees need to do their best from day and make each minute count but not every person has the same motivation as that! Me and my managing editor whom is soon to have additional rolls can see that there are always some that are just taking advantage of the good nature of people around them and they are just plain lazy with a lack of motivation! Motivation has always been such a huge part of my make up of who I am, God has placed that in me and I am thankful my parents instilled that in me and my sisters as we were growing up. So now the challenge is how to instill motivation into those that work for you who lack this. Yes we are motivated to get up in the morning to go to our jobs or we will not see a paycheck, yes we are motivated to keep ourselves clean (hopefully), yes we are motivated to eat without food we do not exists yes we are motivated to keep gas in our cars so we can get to point A to point B and on and on and on I could go with many more but you get the picture! So I will continue to work on this motivating the troops and see what works and what does not. If any of you have some insight please feel free to share I am open to hearing your thoughts.

On to other things....going to have a great dinner this evening at Carraba's they are having a special night to raise money toward "Relay For Life" the tickets are only $15.00 which is a small contribution for such a huge need but every little bit helps for continued research.

Gotta Run

Live Is A Journey....Live It


Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb. 12, 2010 Lazy Evening

Glad its Friday and it seemed like this day went on forever! The truck came in today with two of our four publications on it totaling 4 skids but it was somewhat challenging since it was raining. The magazines are on a high white news print but if they would have gotten to wet that would not have been a good thing. We were fortunate enough to have two men that work for the owners of our office building and they were a blessing we finished unloading and stacking the magazines in our van and storage room in record time. After we were finished the two men said let us know when we can help again and my thoughts were ABSOLUTELY!

At this very moment I am sitting on the couch watching the opening ceremonies 2010 Olympics and seriously thinking about going to bed since I am having a problem keeping my eyes open.
I do not have much to share on this blog of any substance but I wanted to drop a couple of lines and I am determined to keep this up. I also am thinking about running again and getting on my bike soon so when I do I will let you know.

Gotta Go and get some rest....

Gotta Jet :-)


"Life Is A Journey...Live It"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just got back in from a late dinner with some friends at "Kazbors" it seems that every time I go there which is not often I end up getting the same thing. Yes I am possibly a creature of habit in some things. This brings me to really evaluate some things in my life and specifically work related at this time. Things have been stressful and I have always heard that owning your own business is rewarding and its also sometimes a rough place to be and lately its been rough! I could go on and on about the rough spots but I am not going to do it, I choose to be thankful for what God has blessed me with and this business he has chosen for me to continue to build and mold and for that I am honored. A creature of habit...hmmmmmm well there are some things that are going to change for me in the work place and its not going to be an easy road but its one that needs to happen and with Gods help its all possible I know that but I just have to trust in that.

So full speed ahead and pushing toward the goals that are in front of me.

Life is a journey-LIVE IT