Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday March 14th back at the track!

Saturday March 14th and the weather is just plain PERFECT so it was perfect to start the day out with some training so off to the track I went and it was good to be there! The track was like an old friend that I have missed since taking time off to let me knee recover so we sparked up our friendship again today :-) Anyway I started with a brisk walk around the track twice then started into a jog and putting in 4 laps around then the 7th lap a brisk walk then the 8th lap a jog.  I felt really good today and was careful to pay attention to how my body was feeling and I have to say it was awesome and I did not overdue it.  I listened to a variety of music on my ipod shuffle and all the songs were uplifting and that made my time on the track even more worth it but somehow the Gilligan's Island theme came on and I just had to crack up laughing...all I could think was where in the world did that come from so needless to say I have been singing that crazy tune pretty much all day it's just stuck! Oh well I will get past it.

Well I have to run for now and thanks to all of you who read and watch my blogs stay strong.


Friday March 13th - Back At It - Peaceful

Not much to say on this blog so you can just watch the video it should say it all.

I will be back at it tomorrow!

Be Blessed,

Karen :0)

Princess 5k Walt Disney World-Saturday March 7th, 09

I am blogging late on the event from this past Saturday but I am on it now :0)'s been a hectic week with work but no more excuses so I am getting back on track NOW. (one more thing..sorry about the shaky friend could not figure out how to stop recording!)

The "Princess 5k" at Walt Disney world was just FUN. My sister Lori her husband and my nephew Ryan who might I add is in 5th grade and 4 other close friends spent the in Orlando and got up at the ridiculous time 5:30 in the morning because we had to be at the starting point no later than 6:30a.m. I have to say that Disney does things first class from start to finish and they do not miss a beat! We ran thru Epcot and the part of the back lot so needless to say the scenery was awesome. When we ran thru different countries my sister Lori made it a point to video each one which was really neat and along the way we ran in to many characters which made it even more interesting. Just check out the picture below that should explain it.

As far as for me and my knee I think all in all it did well and I am so happy about that it eased my mind most definitely. We all had a great time and made a lot of wonderful memories.

Till Next Time....Karen