Friday, May 8, 2009

First Day Of Geo Cachng

Have you ever heard of Geo Caching? Well I hadn't either up until about a month or so I just jumped into it. I had heard about it through friends and just recently we ran an article about a guy who has been doing this for quite some time now and he has really helped me understand how this works! If you want to know more about this go and visit and you can read about it, I would try to explain it in this blog but it would take me forever! This is lot's of just plain good fun. 

I have uploaded a video of a first find and it took a bit since we did not know what in the world we were doing????


It's Been A While

It's been since the middle of March since I have updated this blog, I have been slacking not only with this but with keeping up with my running and riding my bike. I am sick of finding excuses but every time I even think about getting some exercise in I am either tired or I have so much going on at work or I need to ride the horse. So this evening I have decided to get back at it and gradually get to where I need to be again. One thing is for sure I need to watch how much I push myself......I am one of those people who wants it now but it just does not happen that way!!!! 

Also I am going to start blogging on things going on in my life other than my working out etc. I have decided to share some other things that are going on in my life and it can prove to be quite entertaining :-)

I will chat at you later and remember Life Is A Journey, LIVE IT>

Be Blessed