Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are We Running Today?

Yes I ran today and was glad that I did. First of all I have been so speratic with my running that the getting in shape part has not worked but as of late its changing slowly. In the past my right knee has caused some set backs but now I where a brace and it does wonders. I have also lost 13 pounds in the last month and I feel that has helped me as well.

Today my friend Sarah said she was running and I decided to go. As soon as I got home I changed into my running gear and talked my self through while waiting for her to get to my house. Part of talking through it was a pep talk for myself and also asking God to help me through this run. My goal was to run without stopping for 3 miles and I was determined and I felt good so with that type of positive surrounding me I knew I had a good chance of making this happen. I went at my own comfortable pace and concentrated on not having to run a race against a clock. I ran the 3 miles with out stopping and I am very proud of myself :-).

If you are reading this and feel like your struggling at something make sure to not give up. A positive outlook can bring on amazing things. I found I had to find the positive in me and not from others when it comes to this running gig. After we hit the 3 miles Sarah gave me a high five and that was when I needed that positive from someone other than myself....that was a great moment. I know this sound small to some people but for me and the struggle with my knee has been a bummer but I have that under control now and am able to pay 
                                                                 attention when I am over doing it.

Now I am going to continue to do my best and not feel the pressure I created for myself before. Let's do this but do it the best you can for yourself.

Gotta Run..

Life is a journey......Live it.


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