Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Todays Run & Nike+Watch

YES the picture attached on this blog is me and I wanted to just get a quick snap shot after my short run this evening and YES I smell like sweat and I need a shower. Nothing like just laying the truth out there for all to read but as far as I know only family and some close friends are signed up for this blog but this is also a public blog as well and I am going to leave it that way for now.

I have been on a weekly training schedule with Jeff Galloway and if you are not familiar with him make sure to google his name and you can learn about him. Jeff is a past Olympian so he has some smarts on this running deal so I have chosen this adventure for several reasons. 1 is to keep me in an exercise mode, 2 is to stay in shape, 3 is to be able run and keep my knee in good shape while running since I have had major problems in the past when trying to train and with Jeff Galloway he monitors this. 4 to achieve some personal goals. So there it is in a nut shell :-).

I have a new NIKE+Sportwatch GPS that is awesome, it's amazing how technology has come such a long way. This watch records my time, pace, calories burned, route and all I have to do is upload the data on my lap top and I have all the information up on my personal Nike site!
Its so neat to see my progress over the weeks and it inspires me to continue to improve.

So I am getting my run on :-) I have lost over 15 pounds by watching what I am eating and just plain doing my best to eat better!  Tooting my own horn I am and proud of it. Baggy britches never felt so good..lol

Ok time to shower.


Life is a journey.....live it!

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